The Hungarian Crohn's & Colitis Association


The Hungarian patient foundation was organised by the physicians and business people of the pharmaceutical companies in 1993. The first meeting took place in Budapest, the capital of Hungary in 1994.

Unfortunately, the number of patients suffering from IBD increases from year to year in Hungary. At the time there are 15.000 Crohn's and Colitis patients in our country.

London, 2001

Trip to England. Our team in London, August 2001.


The Hungarian Association has an Advisory Board with three members, a ten-man presidium and 120 active members those who are always participat on the meetings. We also have a small group in Pécs, South Hungary, with 50-60 members. We pay a very minimal annual fee and we meet once a month. We always recieve a letter about the next meeting from which we know the program.

The aims of our association are:

  1. to give the opportunity for the IBD patients to talk about their illness
  2. to help themselves
  3. to give the opportunity to the patients to get more information about IBD
  4. to discuss and solve special problems if we can
  5. to organise different presentation about the different fields of IBD and other activity

To these meetings we invite people to keep a short presentation about the different fields of IBD e.g.: doctors, specialists, psychologist - IBD as a psycosomatic disease, meteorologist - the connection between IBD and weather, insurance broker - social insurance for IBD sufferers.

Every year we have a Christmas party in December. We sing Christmas Carols together, eat, drink and give presents to each other.


Contact Us

Krisztina Fekete, president
mobile: 06/20/51-466-45

Orsolya Homolya, vice president
mobile: 06/20/319-0818

Zsuzsanna Hidvéghy, secretary

Lajosné Vuncs, vice secretary
mobile: 06/30/253-1013

Gábor Dworschák
public relations (PR)

Andrea Molnár
international connections

Bea Ódor
mobile: 06/20/444-9163
home phone: 06-1-275-0291

Anna Müller
program manager
mobile: 06/20/351-6170

Éva, Lakatos Ferencné
program manager
mobile: 06/20/362-4049

Barbara Miklós
clinical psychologist
mobile: 06/20/311-83-77

dr. Ágnes Szüts, lawyer
disability rights & judiciary:
1065 Budapest, Nagymező u.28.
Tel/fax: 06-1-269-3511